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Cesspools & Holding Tanks

A Cesspool is essentially a holding tank, sometimes known as a Cesspit. It has no outlet and has to be emptied when full. It is a solution when the options of discharging to a stream or to the ground are not possible.

Be it wastewater storage or rainwater harvesting, these holding tanks from Graf provide a durable solution.

The smaller Cesspools range from 2,700l-6,500l. If you need a larger capacity tank up to 79,000l or a tank for Elsan type waste, please contact us for details.

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  • Flat tank with green lid

    Graf Platin Flat Storage Tank

    £874.00£2,589.00 EX VAT
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  • Carat Underground Tank

    Graf Carat Cesspool

    £873.00£1,534.00 EX VAT
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