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Clearwater Cesspool 18,000L

Suitable for a 2 bedroom property to meet building regulations


High Level Alarm

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Cesspool tanks are used for sewage disposal where connection to a mains sewer is not practical.  They are designed for storage only, with their contents being emptied at regular intervals using tankers.


  • Easy installation
  • Lockable manhole cover
  • Constructed from non-corrosive materials
  • Standard inlet invert is 1m also available with a 1.5m invert

Delivered as a complete unit ready for installation, each cesspool must be installed in a level condition and bedded on, and surrounded with, 225mm thickness of concrete.

The cesspool will need to be ballasted internally with water and remain so until the concrete has set. Full installation instructions are provided with each unit, but are also available on request.  Cesspools are for storage only and their contents have to be emptied at regular intervals by tanker.

For a single dwelling 18,000 litres is the minimum allowable capacity. This capacity is suitable for two residents only. This size should be increased by 6,800 litres (6.8m2) for each additional user. For non-domestic applications please call us for advice on the capacity and type of tank required.

Optional Extra:

Add a High Level alarm with an audible and visual warning to alert you when the tank needs emptying

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