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Bio-Pure 1 Sewage Treatment Plant 1-5 Person

An affordable, low maintenance treatment plant for a 2 or 3 bedroom property, with a typical emptying period of 3-5 years.

Bio-Pure Neck Extension Group

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The Bio-Pure 1 is a 5 person sewage treatment plant which gives a very discreet solution to on-site sewage treatment as the small lid is flush with the ground and unlike its rivals, the compressor housing is under the lid, with no visually intrusive kiosk.  It is one of the most affordable, high quality products on the market and has one of the lowest running costs of any sewage treatment plant.

Why choose Bio-Pure Sewage Treatment Plant?

  • Affordable sewage treatment plant with low running costs
  • Can be adapted to meet individual needs
  • Visually unobtrusive lid with quiet air pump housed underneath
  • The tank is odourless as solids are treated
  • Typical 3-5 years emptying periods
  • No requirement for concrete means easy installation and low costs
  • No moving parts so that the unit will not fail
  • Gravity outlet
  • Air pump located under the access lid for easy maintenance
  • Fitted scum board at the top of the clarifier
  • Extended aeration method
  • Outer chamber (clarifier) & inner chamber (aeration chamber)
  • Draft tube is 100mm from the base of the clarifier


25 years warranty on high quality GRP conical tank

2 years warranty on the air pump

Options available:

Internal pumped outlet (integral to the tank) – select this if you have a high water table and a chance of water coming back into the system the wrong way through the pipe or a situation where the discharge needs pumping away

Neck Extension – available in 100-500mm depths

(Bio-Pure 1 standard invert level is 600mm)

Please note that by adding an option, your order becomes a bespoke order and cancellations may not be possible – please contact us for some friendly advice if you have questions.

Offloading is the responsibility of the customer

Additional information

Capacity - Litres


Approx. Tank Weight (empty) - kg




Power Consumption


Maximum average daily flow litres


Maximum BOD/Day g


Outside diameter mm


Outlet valve mm


Height to Inlet mm


Depth mm


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