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Graf Platin Flat Storage Tank

The perfect solution for rainwater harvesting

High Level Alarm (Overflow Guard)

  • Overflow Guard 351017

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The Graf Platin Flat Storage is extremely easy to install.  It is stable and low in weight.

These tanks are available in the following sizes:





All products manufactured by GRAF are also 100% recyclable.

Key benefits:

  • Low weight
  • Minimum installation depth, which translates into short installation time and low costs
  • Groundwater-stable up to the tank shoulder thanks to extremely stable design

This kit price includes:

  • A Platin flat tank
  • Mini telescopic dome shaft suitable for pedestrian loading


15 years warranty

Options available:

Heavy Duty cover – vehicle loading up to 3.5t with a maxi tank dome (DN100 connection), composite plastic telescopic lid

Neck Extension – working height 305mm (total height 400mm)

High Level Alarm (Overflow Guard) – battery operated alarm with an audible and visual warning to alert you when the tank needs emptying

Offloading is the responsibility of the customer

Take a look under the ‘More Information’ tab for further documentation

Volume (litres) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height total (mm) Weight (kg)
Standard Cover 1,500 2,100 1,250 1,155-1,355 91
Heavy Duty Cover 1,500 2,100 1,250 1,155-1,455 137
Standard Cover 3,000 2,450 2,100 1,190-1,390 189
Heavy Duty Cover 3,000 2,450 2,100 1,190-1,490 235
Standard Cover 5,000 2,890 2,300 1,405-1,605 259
Heavy Duty Cover 5,000 2,890 2,300 1,405-1,705 305
Standard Cover 7,500 3,600 2,250 1,705-1,905 369
Heavy Duty Cover 7,500 3,600 2,250 1,705-2,005 415