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Graf Rain Bloc Crates

£1,100.00 EX VAT

10 x lorry bearing crates with geotextile

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We offer the Graf lorry bearing Rain Bloc Crates as a pack of 10 crates with geotextile.

Each Rain Block has a 300 litre capacity (working volume of 285 litres) and are easily connected together into a matrix.  They can be installed in rows or block form, with 1 to a maximum of 10 layers, and can be installed without heavy equipment – a Rain Bloc weighs just 16 kg.

These rigid, high strength crates are made in black polypropylene (PP) with lorry bearing of up to 60 tonnes when minimum of 500mm cover is used.

The geotextile is wrapped around the Rain Blocs to slow the drainage of the water – forming, in effect, a large soakaway.

This kit price includes as standard:

  • 10 x Rain Bloc Crates
  • Rain Bloc Connectors
  • Geotextile for 10 crates

Please check with your building regulations officer that this solution is correct for your installation.

Offloading is the responsibility of the customer

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