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Biorock MONOBLOCK 2-V3 Sewage Treatment Plant 6 Person – Electric Free

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The Non-Electric* Biorock MONOBLOCK units are designed for rural dwellings, permanent and seasonal, which are not connected to the mains. It is ultra-compact thus ideal for tight spaces and small sites.

It is an all in one system where the Bioreactor and primary tank are integrated in one plug and play unit. These extremely compact purification units are completely pre-assembled and ready for speedy installation.

Key benefits:

  • No electricity required*
  • Completely silent
  • Handles absence periods
  • Low maintenance
  • Ultra-compact and therefore discrete
  • Installation is easy and can be done fast

Primary tank (first treatment)

The primary tank of the MONOBLOCK-2 has a volume of 2000 litre (2m3) and clarifies the sewage coming from the residence by retaining oils, fats and greases and organic solids. The water passes through an effluent filter before discharging into the BIOROCK reactor for further processing.

Bioreactor (secondary treatment)

The Biorock Media in the Bioreactor treats the wastewater naturally with an aerobic digestion process and a filtration process. The waste water percolates through the filtering media. The filtering media is a very effective carrier material for bacteria and is highly resistant to degradation and remains extremely stable over a long term. The Biorock media is easy to handle, is environment friendly and 100% recyclable.

The units are assembled in light but durable HDPE tanks with lightweight, low profile, green access covers.

*subject to site conditions

Pumped outlet option available on request.

Offloading is the responsibility of the customer

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