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Clearwater Alpha Septic Tank

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A spherical ‘onion shaped’ septic tank to be used together with a drainage field. Available in three sizes.

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Clearwater septic tanks are used for domestic sewage disposal where connection to a mains sewer is not practical.  The discharge from these tanks must go into a drainage field.

These septic tanks consist of a single chamber system that retains sewage from a property for sufficient time to allow the solids to form into sludge at the base of the tank, where it is partially broken down through anaerobic digestion. The remaining liquid in the tank then overflows through an outlet pipe to a drainage field.

Septic tanks require emptying every 6-12 months dependant on usage.

These tanks are available in the following sizes:

2800l (max. 5 people)

3800l (max. 12 people)

4600l (max. 17 people)

Key benefits:

  • No mechanical or electrical components within the plant – low running and maintenance costs
  • Manufactured from GRP – strong, light, watertight
  • Low level visibility with a lockable child-proof pedestrian duty cover – it’s safe for children and pets
  • Controlled ventilation – minimises risk of odour
  • Easy to install and maintain with annual desludging

Offloading is the responsibility of the customer

Further documentation can be found under the ‘Product Downloads’ tab.

People (Max.) Volume (litres) Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
4  2,800  1,905  2,565
10  3,800  2,070  2,795
14  4,600  2,080  3,035
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