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Clearwater Alpha Cesspool

Available in three sizes, a small spherical tank perfect for occasional use.


High Level Alarm

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These underground ‘onion shaped’ cesspools are for storage only.

These tanks are available in the following sizes:




Includes a cover and frame

Key benefits:

  • Good value tank
  • No mechanical or electrical components within the plant – low running and maintenance costs
  • Low level visibility with a lockable child-proof pedestrian duty cover – its safe for children and pets
  • Easy to install and maintain with annual desludging

Cesspools are essentially holding tanks, they have no outlet and have to be emptied once full.

Domestic dwellings require a minimum capacity of 18,000 litres for 2 residents and for each additional resident a further 6800 litres is required. We recommend you speak to Building Control for advice.

Optional Extra:

Add a High Level alarm with an audible and visual warning to alert you when the tank needs emptying

Offloading is the responsibility of the customer

Volume (litres) Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
 2,800  1,905  2,565
 3,800  2,070  2,795
 4,600  2,080  3,035